Dear Miss Watson, who is your base?

October 28, 2017 - news

What if… This post is about the hidden message of TFS. That’s the burning woman. It’s the celebration of global public relations to drive home a message that allows itself to be timeless, or whatever you want to call it.


Firstly, TallForSmall is a lot of things, and why wouldn’t I want the chance to work with Emma Watson. My message across this website is a counter to HeForShe because I don’t take it as  face value that one should advocate for the other gender as the root of pay gaps, and discrimination. Hollywood doesn’t care if you are male or female but if you are a tall male, then you wont get taken advantage of. Unless we see that divide, it will not matter who’s side your on. Who is your base?


Let me start with who I am. I am in my twenties and have worked for over 10 companies. Unfortunately, I never was able to work my way into a promotion, and felt the heat in the kitchen in restaurants. One of the worst experiences was going behind the scenes and seeing how badly people of my size get treated. And when you ask for something you have to scream it, and you still won’t get heard. And I know moreover that another generation is coming and they believe the glamour over Hollywood like a happy ending right around the corner.

I care to say is that’s it’s been tried, the HeForShe campaign and we see the message is not a call to action but as a divide. If a man like me were to advocate for women I would be a liar, because I am part of the divide of wage gaps, and discrimination, and sometimes worse be. After reading the Book Half The Sky, it’s easy to see that I won’t ever face that kind of subjection but I also know I have a problem that isn’t being written about, and that makes it scarier. Why can’t I find the conversation of the height gap being as important?

 So take a moment, and ask yourself did you ever get interviewed by someone bigger than you?

Did you ever get a promotion ahead of someone taller and bigger than you? Did you think to look in the dish washing room of the restaurant you were eating at, or In the Cheesecake Factory? Did you ever think to look who was working in the sweatshop making those Nike Shorts you wear? Did you ever think to look in the boardrooms of your bank, or college? Did you ever think to look why women are attracted to taller men? Did you ever think to ask why you ever thought society was still a good place to live after hearing Santa Clause wasn’t real and there isn’t a cloud-9? Did you ever think to ask when things were going to start to change for the better for the next generation? Did you ever know anyone you  bullied because they were an easy target after other people bullied them? Did you ever wonder why of 50,000 year old brains of humans still think like survival of the fittest?


Dear Emma Watson, is your base a monopolizing group you want to campaign against(or with) because you need to reach out to those who don’t have a choice.


What I am not saying Is the world would be run better by kids, but we can agree Apple and Microsoft was created by twenty year-old with good intentions and now they are part of the GAFA(Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple). No, I’m not saying society needs to be redefined in a virtual reality at the moment, or anytime soon to a world of escapism into space before Jet Packs are outlawed. I am saying that we should maximize choices for the youth, and those who are subject to face to face conversations where they can be overpowered by increasing the number of virtual offices and meetings with advisors, and colleges online by creating a greater infrastructure of WI-fi in underprivileged countries. I don’t want another generation of people to need to pay for room and board in colleges they can’t afford but find their passion outside of the college campuses where they have more choices than those put in front of them by the CEOS in capitalist colleges. We need more decisions made by the small who have never had a voice in today’s society. Dear Emma Watson, we are your base.

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